Screen Size:6.2" Wide VGA

Touch Panel:Clear Resistive

Monitor Touch Control:Yes

Customisable GUI:Yes

Key Illumination Color:White


Multilingual Display:Yes[2]

Wallpaper Capture:Yes

Media Playback

MP3 Compatible with Tag:CD / DVD / USB

WMA Compatible with Tag:CD / DVD / USB

WAV Compatible with Tag:CD / DVD / USB

AAC Compatible with Tag:CD / DVD / USB

FLAC Compatible with Tag:USB ( Up to 24bit/48kHz )

MPEG 1/2 Compatible:CD / DVD / USB

DivX(R) Compatible:CD / DVD / USB

JPEG File Playback:CD / DVD / USB

CD Player

CD-R/RW Compatible:Yes

DVD Player

DVD-R/-RW, R/ RW Compatible:Yes

Video CD Playback:Yes

Bluetooth Control

Built-in Bluetooth[1]:Yes (Version 3.0, Wired-Mic included)

Hands Free Call:Yes (HFP1.6 Wideband Speech)

2 Phones Full-Time Connection:Yes

Audio Streaming & Control (A2DP, AVRCP):Yes

5 BT-Audio Connection:Yes

Voice Dialing (voice recognition compatible mobile phone required):Yes

Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP):Yes

Alphabetical Search for Phone Book:Yes

Auto Pairing for iPhone/Android:Yes

Android Control

Android Music Playback:Yes (USB)[3]

Spotify Control:Yes (via Bluetooth(R))

iPod/iPhone Control

iPod/iPhone Music Playback:Yes (via USB or Bluetooth(R))

iPod/iPhone Video File Playback:Yes[4]

Spotify Control:Yes (via USB or Bluetooth(R))


USB Port:x1 (USB2.0 Full Speed/High Speed)


Drive Change Mode for Mass Storage Class (selectable from internal/external memory):Yes


Maximum Power Output (Front & Rear):50W x 4

Full Bandwidth Power (Front & Rear):22W x 4 (Full Bandwidth Power, at less than 1% THD)

MOS-FET Amplifier:Yes

EQ:Yes (13-Band Graphic EQ)

Preset EQ:Yes (9-Preset)

Bass Boost:Yes

High-Pass Filter/Low-Pass Filter:Yes/Yes

3-Way X'over:Yes

K2 Technology:Yes

Space Enhancement:Yes

Sound Response:Yes

Sound Lift:Yes

Volume Link EQ:Yes

Time Alignment:Yes



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